Summer of Self-Care: A Day to Recharge

Typically, when people are asked what they are doing to care for themselves or their souls, they don’t have a great response. They can talk about how busy they are, the demands of work and family life and how tired they are. It’s true we have many things in our lives that take our time and attention away from ourselves but taking time to replenish our reserves and nourish our souls, it’s not indulgent, it’s necessary.

When the Israelites left Egypt, God created a day of Sabbath for them. By implementing the Sabbath, God wanted the Israelites to know that they were worth more than the number of bricks they could make in a day. God knew there was value in giving our souls space to breathe, process and reflect. By instituting a day or rest, God created a specific day and time for people to do that. If it was good for the Israelites, could it be good for us today?

A day where the only agenda is to pamper yourself, recharge your batteries, and reconnect with yourself and your soul may seem selfish but read on. While this seems unattainable to many people, try it out, and be curious about how your body and soul respond to having some empty space not filled with distractions.

Here are some ideas to help inspire you to make this a priority sooner rather than later:


While this isn’t for everyone, journaling is a great way to process things that are happening in the week or day and identify any thoughts or feelings that are coming up. Journaling over several days or weeks can help you start to see themes as they emerge. For more ideas on journaling, check out our blog here.


Digital detox

Make a commitment, and communicate this to your loved ones beforehand, that you plan on having a day where you’re going to unplug from screens and technology. Even if it’s for a few hours and enjoy simply being present in the moment. Disconnecting from our devices can help clear your mind.



Start your morning with your favorite workout. Or if you’re not the type to hit the gym, start with listening to some of your favorite music and do some gentle stretches through 2 to 3 or your favorite songs.



Schedule a morning massage appointment at a local spa or wellness center. Enjoy the soothing touch and let your muscles relax.


Breakfast with a book

Prepare your favorite breakfast at home or head to your favorite coffee shop and grab a book that you’ve been wanting to read. Take time to eat your breakfast slowly and read at a leisurely pace.


Take a nature walk or hike

If you missed our blog post on Shinrin Yoku, check it out here, it’s a great post on the benefits of walking in nature. Nature has a calming effect and can help clear your mind.


Picnic with friends

Invite a few close friends or family members to join you for a picnic in the park. Prepare some easy and simple snacks, or ask your friends to pitch in, and enjoy being outside and with your safe people for the day.


Creative workshop

Attend a workshop together where creativity is the focus and goal. This doesn’t mean you’re an artist, or that your piece is going to turn out great, the idea is to give yourself the freedom to be creative, regardless of how it turns out and give yourself permission to make something imperfect.


Fire pit/camp fire

Sitting around a campfire has been a therapeutic practice utilized by people across cultures and helps us to connect with others, a time to tell stories and remember our shared paths and can be a great way to end the day in a peaceful way.

As parents, thinking about taking time away from family may feel too difficult to coordinate or selfish. But the benefits of taking some time to give your soul space to breathe can have profound effects on physical, emotional, and mental health. It allows us to alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, and cultivate a greater sense of mindfulness and self-awareness.

Once you try a day or a few hours of self-care, you’ll realize it isn’t just about temporary escapes; it’s about building sustainable habits that nourish us in the long run. By incorporating regular self-care practices into our lives, we not only boost our resilience in the face of daily challenges but also enhance our capacity for joy, creativity, connection with others and fulfillment.



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