The Highly Sensitive Trait

The “highly sensitive” trait is found in around 15-20% of the population and has been actively researched for the last 30 yeaars. It is not a “disorder”. On the contrary, those with the highly sensitive trait are commonly more aware of subtleties, more emotionally aware, more imaginative and more appreciative of sensory experiences.  

Highly Sensitive Kids Workbook

This workbook is specifically for kids who need help navigating their high sensitivity. Lisa uses the analogy of a roller coaster to ensure four specific outcomes.

Know how to explain high sensitivity to others Create a blueprint for your parents/caregivers of what does and does not work for your high sensitivity

Check out the posts below for more information and practical resources for highly sensitive individuals.

Back to School = Change + Transitions 

This time of year, at least in Indiana, marks the end of summer and a new school year for many people. The beginning of the school year is usually an exciting transition for many but for highly sensitive persons, it can be exciting AND difficult! Because of this, I like to write about transitions this

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Best books for Highly Sensitive Persons {HSPs}

It was 2015 and I was reading a book that was describing my youngest son exactly. He was about 12 years old at this time and I felt like I finally had the answers I had been searching for his whole life. The book I was reading was, “The Highly Sensitive Child” by Dr. Elaine

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The Pandemic and Transitions for Highly Sensitive Persons

The Disappointment of Transitions The last half of my childhood my Dad was an airline pilot. One of the benefits of him being a pilot was that my family and I could pretty much travel standby anywhere around the world. In case you don’t know what it means to fly standby, I’ll give you a

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How to turn your Highly Sensitive Overwhelm into a Superpower!

I have several teacher friends and clients right now and they are really struggling with trying to teach during a Pandemic. Many of them are highly sensitive themselves. Highly sensitive people tend to gravitate toward the helping professions (e.g., teaching, nurses, doctors, pastors, etc.). Many of the highly sensitive adults I work with are highly

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Helping Your Highly Sensitive Children with Transitions

Most highly sensitive children struggle significantly with transitions, even good ones. Some examples of transitions are: ending the weekend and starting the week, ending the school year to starting the summer, ending a regular day to starting a vacation or ending one school and starting a new one (e.g., elementary school to middle school). As

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Highly Sensitive
Lisa Franklin

Are You Highly Sensitive?

During high school and several years into college I had terrible anxiety. I would often think about the future, get overwhelmed and panic. Projects, papers, studying and work would overwhelm me when I felt like I wouldn’t be able to get it all done and often caused me to “shut down.” But the thing that

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