The Highly Sensitive Trait

The “highly sensitive” trait is found in around 15-20% of the population and has been actively researched for the last 30 yeaars. It is not a “disorder”. On the contrary, those with the highly sensitive trait are commonly more aware of subtleties, more emotionally aware, more imaginative and more appreciative of sensory experiences.  

Highly Sensitive Kids Workbook

This workbook is specifically for kids who need help navigating their high sensitivity. Lisa uses the analogy of a roller coaster to ensure four specific outcomes.

Know how to explain high sensitivity to others Create a blueprint for your parents/caregivers of what does and does not work for your high sensitivity

Check out the posts below for more information and practical resources for highly sensitive individuals.
Highly Sensitive Person
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Highly Sensitive Person Workshop

Highly Sensitive Person Highly Sensitive Person Workshop August 19 from 9-11am Light Snacks will be provided Are you Highly Sensitive & Overwhelmed?  Join us for a workshop on Turning your Highly Sensitive Overwhelm into Resilience Lisa Franklin, LCSW, is an expert on the Highly Sensitive trait and loves helping people turn their highly sensitive overwhelm

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Lisa Franklin

Why We Love Group Therapy

  We know the decision to start therapy can be difficult. We also know the decision whether or not to start with individual therapy or try group therapy is difficult. We love both individual and group therapy for different reasons. Since we have 3 amazing groups starting this summer, We thought it might be helpful

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You Have Permission to Try Something New

At first it was my brother. And it was his wife. Then it was my dad. They all had joined a new gym that had just opened in town. At family gatherings, talk would soon turn to their workouts and hard they were and who their favorite instructors were. After a while, I decided to

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You Have Permission to Ask for Help

Several years ago, I had to rescue a family member while we were on a snorkeling excursion while on a cruise in the Bahamas. From the time we left the port in Florida, the boat rocked almost constantly because the weather was so bad. In fact, they ended up canceling one of the ports because

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You Have Permission to Ask for Your Wants & Needs

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were reflecting on our early relationship. We’ve been together the majority of both of our lives at this point, so it’s been fun to see how we’ve each grown as people and as a couple. One of the things that came up for me while we were

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You Have Permission to Make Mistakes

A theme that comes up often in my counseling practice for many people is guilt. They feel guilty for things that they, “should be doing” and aren’t. They feel guilty for things they, “shouldn’t be doing” and are. When we sit together and explore what these “shoulds” are, where they came from and what they

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