Peace Family Counseling Core Values

Peace Family Counseling Core Values & Mission Statement

We love teaching clients about core values and how they inform our thoughts and feelings, and our interactions with others. A core value is a, “root belief that a person operates from.” We knew having core values as a business would be essential for helping us to have a shared vision and work toward the same goal of helping people heal. Here are the mission and core values at Peace Family Counseling:

At Peace Family Counseling. we believe you expert on your own life and the keeper of your story. When life’s circumstances leave you feeling defeated, we will help you find the tools to restore peace and balance to your life and relationships.

Our mission is to hold healing space for people to find peace in their lives and relationships.

Relationships– are central to who we are as people and who we are as a community of therapists

Integrity-should undergird every aspect of the work that we do with our clients and in our own personal lives

Listening-to God, our clients, and our bodies

Service-to our local church, community and our clients

Wisdom-this should include growing spiritually, professionally, and personally

Discernment-understanding the process of healing and knowing how to best help clients whether through training, mentoring or supervision

Reliability-showing up for our clients with consistency and predictability

On January 9th, we celebrated our 1-year anniversary as a group practice. As with any change, it was a little stressful at first, but we soon found a good rhythm and settled in and were able to do great work with our clients.

Here are a few highlights for the year:

  • In February Lisa Vanek, LSW came on as our newest clinician
  • We celebrated birthdays throughout the year
  • We were able to meet regularly
  • In July, Darin Hays, LSW was hired as our newest clinician
  • Also in July, Gary Nichols was able to take a much needed sabbatical
  • In August, Greg Johnson came on as our year long intern
  • In September, Kate Hunter was appointed as our Clinical Director
  • We developed some great partnerships with local churches


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