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Your Story Matters

According to The American Psychological Association, the number one predictor of successful recovery in therapy is the connection between a client and a therapist. You can have the best clinician in the world – able to use every theory, every framework in existence for how to help people, but if there is no genuine empathetic connection, progress will be hindered.

At Peace Family Counseling, our goal is to create an environment which fosters that connection. We’re here to come alongside and listen as you tell your story. Often, the act of connecting with another human being and sharing one’s story becomes the first step toward healing and wholeness.

As therapists, our role is not to give advice, or to tell people how best to live their lives. Where others might listen to respond, we listen to understand so that we can walk with people of all backgrounds as they process their stories.

Faith Integration

Sometimes those stories include matters related to faith and spirituality. At Peace Family Counseling, we strive to be sensitive to the faith background of our clients and the ways in which the strength that we draw from our faith can aid in the therapeutic journey.

We are licensed by the state of Indiana as clinicians, but we are not un-pastoral in our approach. We have backgrounds in church work, but we are not un-clinical in our approach. Our goal is always to bring the best of both worlds together in cohesive unity, and to be a resource for healing and wholeness in both mind and spirit.

Part of the rationale for our name change from “Southside Pastoral Counseling” to “Peace Family Counseling” in 2023 was to make an important distinction – that while our backgrounds inform our approach to sessions, We accept clients from all backgrounds, faiths, and walks of life. We also want to be mindful of the ways in which “religion” may have had a negative impact on our clients and make space for those hurt by the church, those who no longer believe, and those who never did in the first place.

We see our role primarily as listeners – we aren’t here to convince anyone of anything, but to walk alongside our clients as they tell their stories.

Our Therapists

At Peace Family Counseling, you will find caring professionals from varying backgrounds and expertise who have the skills to come alongside you and guide you in your journey.

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