The following are free resources developed by the therapists of Peace Family Counseling. We hope you find these tools useful in your journey towards growth.

Healing Attachment Devotional

Free 5-Day devotional geared toward attachment styles and emotional healing.

Journal for 2023 Reflection and 2024 Planning

A reflection journal for the new year

The Big Five: Seeking Alignment In Marriage

This devotional is meant to be a tool for couples to explore and discuss 5 areas that are commonly addressed in couples counseling. The topics are separated into sections which include questions for individual reflection and discussion with your spouse, as well as, scriptures to address each topic.

Mindfulness Journal

The purpose of this journal is to get you to slow down and start noticing things in your present moment. It seems we are always rushed, hurried and life passes by so quickly. With these journal prompts, we hope it will encourage you to slow down, take a breath, and be in the present moment.

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