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Women Don’t Need Love… But

From the end of 2016, it seems to be that women have flooded all of the media outlets from #nastywoman, #metoo, to the most recent #timesup movement. While I haven’t carefully followed much detail of these news stories, I cannot help to be heartbroken, angry, and simply disappointed over how women are/have been treated and …

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Emotional Communication

Learn the art of an emotionally intelligent conversation to take everyday conversations and create new connections, deeper connections, and stronger relationships.

Destructive Words: 4 Truths to Healing

Have you ever stopped to think about the language you use to your spouse? I’m talking about the actual words, your vocabulary you use. In reality, your words can bring true healing or sure destruction to your spouse and ultimately to your relationship. This may seem like common sense, but let me explain why: Criticism …

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Betrayed: How to Address Your Spouse After an Affair

Discovering that your spouse has been unfaithful can potentially be the most devastating thing that one could ever experience in a marriage. Regardless of the context or nature of the affair, in most cases, it is extremely difficult to know how to handle the cascade of thoughts and feelings that follow such a discovery.The good …

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A Husband’s Call to Love

Let’s assume that you began reading this post as a woman or wife and/or mother. I’m glad you’re here (I’ll talk to husbands later). This message is for both men and women. Regardless of your current circumstances, healthy or unhealthy, positive or negative, “good” or “bad,” you have prayed or are praying for a partner …

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Become a Master in Managing Conflict with just 4 Steps

Finding yourselves stuck in the same conflict over and over again? Stop spinning your wheels. Try these 4 steps and be on your way to becoming a master of managing conflict!

Q-Tip Challenge: The Power of Choice

You may be wondering… What in the world is the “Q-Tip Challenge?” It begins with a story. In June of 2014 my wife and I stated our vows and said “I do.” After our incredible honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, we both came home to a clean apartment, -$150 in our bank account and many, …

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7 Principles Marriage Workshop

What if I told you that Science could change your marriage forever? I would expect you to be a little skeptical, but let the science speak for itself! This workshop combines the knowledge and wisdom of forty years of studies and clinical practice from Drs. John and Julie Swartz Gottman. Together, they co-created the Gottman Method Couples …

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Column: Two Types of Marital Conflict

Commentary by Logan Everett Read original column at the Current in Carmel. Couples fight. This is not new information for most, but what do couples really fight about? Answer? Absolutely nothing. When it comes to conflict in relationships, there are two different types: solvable and perpetual Solvable issues have a clear beginning and a clear, concrete, definitive …

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