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Back to School = Change + Transitions 

This time of year, at least in Indiana, marks the end of summer and a new school year for many people. The beginning of the school year is usually an exciting transition for many but for highly sensitive persons, it can be exciting AND difficult! Because of this, I like to write about transitions this […]

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Transitioning Back-to-School

It’s almost back to school time and that means adjusting to new schedules and routines, making new friends, fall sports starting and calendars filling up-well maybe. This school year will look much different than previous school years. While back to school time is exciting and fun for highly sensitive persons, or HSPs it can also

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Helping Your Highly Sensitive Children with Transitions

Most highly sensitive children struggle significantly with transitions, even good ones. Some examples of transitions are: ending the weekend and starting the week, ending the school year to starting the summer, ending a regular day to starting a vacation or ending one school and starting a new one (e.g., elementary school to middle school). As

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