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Luke Harty, MSW, LCSW

Email: luke@peacefamilycounseling.com

Phone: 317-881-0409 Extension: 24

Clients I love working with:
  • Couples-marriage/family issues
  • Substance use individuals/couples
  • Anger issues
  • Grief/loss 
  • Solution focused
  • Strengths-based 

Luke is currently accepting individuals, couples, and families


  • Mornings, afternoons, evenings
  • In-person and Telehealth

Cost: $130/session
(Cash, Card, Check, HSA Accepted)

About Luke

Luke Harty, is a licensed clinical social worker who treats a variety of problems clients experience. His clinical focus includes anxiety, depression, anger issues, grief/loss, trauma, substance abuse, sexual abuse, sexual behavior problems and marriage/family issues. Luke has experience in residential treatment and outpatient therapy in working with behavior problems and trauma in adolescents, families, and couples. Luke partners with clients to help them understand barriers to living healthy, satisfying lives and learn skills to make changes to be healthy and successful in all areas of life.

Luke's Blog Posts

Luke Harty

Core Values: The Foundation for Building Communication and Trust

One of the biggest issues that brings couples in for therapy are their barriers in communication. When couples aren’t communicating well with each other it can leak over into all parts of the relationship. Communication barriers can lead to resentment and cause contempt to grow and trust to erode. Over time, even small issues become

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Luke Harty

Communication + Trust: The Foundation of a Healthy Relationship

Each time I meet with a couple who comes in for therapy they identify a presenting problem (or several) which is causing strain, conflict, disconnection, and dysfunction in their marriage. This usually means they are in a crisis. A crisis may be the result of one partner’s behavior such as infidelity, substance use disorder or

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Resources from Luke

The Big Five: Seeking Alignment In Marriage

This devotional is meant to be a tool for couples to explore and discuss 5 areas that are commonly addressed in couples counseling. The topics are separated into sections which include questions for individual reflection and discussion with your spouse, as well as, scriptures to address each topic.

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