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Welcome ~ We’re so glad you’re here with us!

Peace Family Counseling (Formerly Southside Pastoral Counseling, Inc.) has been serving the Indianapolis area for over 30 years. We are dedicated to the mission of healing the mind, spirit, heart and human relationships through the integration of spiritual values and behavioral sciences.

Peace Family Counseling is a safe and accepting place where you can strengthen your spiritual life while sorting out your personal life. Peace Family Counseling is staffed with a highly-trained team of therapists whose values and vision of health are rooted in the Christian tradition.

Our therapists are dedicated to helping you work through life’s biggest struggles. Feel at peace knowing that you and your family are in the right hands.

Our Therapists

At Peace Family Counseling, you will find caring professionals from varying backgrounds and expertise who have the skills to come alongside you and guide you in your journey.

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Understanding Love Languages for Relationships

I remember as a young adult, I was devastated when I had any kind of disagreement or fight with anyone that was in my circle. It was really difficult for me to work through all of the feelings that came with any kind of rupture in any of my relationships with others. I remember a

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Biblical Counseling vs. Licensed Mental Health Counseling

Biblical Counseling vs. Licensed Mental Health Counseling At Peace Family Counseling our goal is to help you restore peace and hope in your life and relationships. One approach we offer is by being a faith-based counseling group. By this we mean, we want to integrate faith in a way that is respectful of where you

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Core Values and Children

12 Ways to Teach Your Children Core Values Teaching children about core values can help guide them as they learn and grow into adulthood. Helping children know their core values is crucial to their development and helping them develop their own identity. Core values can help Instill strong values and help build character, empathy, and

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